Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?
We offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties.

-Roof Cleaning & Roof-A-Cide
-Driveway and Patio/Deck Cleaning
-Specialized in Large Surface Ground Cleaning

Why choose Pressure Perfection?
We have been serving the residents of Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties since 1997 with the best quality roof cleaning services and ground cleaning at competitive prices. Commercial customers and HOA’s see the quality of work but appreciate our efficiency so there’s little disturbance for their customers and residents.
How much do your services cost?
This is based on the job and size. Call us today and we can give you a free estimate on whatever service you would like!
Do I have to be home for my service?
This is completely up to you! We can complete any home service whether you are at home or at work this is solely based on what you are comfortable with
What forms of payment do you take
We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks
How long does your service take?
The duration of the job varies much like the cost. The bigger the job the longer it may take. We cannot guarantee that a job can be completed in a certain amount of time whereas some jobs take 30 minutes and others may take a few hours